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I have over two decades of experience working in mental health and addictions, have a degree in psychiatric nursing and psychology, and believe I am eminently qualified to tackle the addictions crisis and related homelessness that is plaguing Maple Ridge. I will work tirelessly with B.C. Housing, Fraser Health, and other partners to create effective treatment options for those suffering from addictions.

I will propose a recovery-based treatment model instead of the housing first model currently offered, and will ensure there is long-term case planning that involves a holistic approach to medical health, social supports, counselling, secure housing and employment.

Your support will give me an opportunity to better serve my community as a public servant. I already volunteer with the Haney Farmers’ Market, Friends In Need Food Bank in Maple Ridge and the MRAC church as an usher. I am also looking forward to volunteering with the Christmas Haven event. This is in addition to my full-time work. I have lived in Maple Ridge since 2006 and would like to improve the conditions not only for my family but for the families in my community that I enjoy being a part of.

I am not a member of any political party and have no affiliations with any of them. If a candidate is connected to a party, then it’s important to ask yourself if you’re comfortable supporting someone from that party. I also am not affiliated with any businesses, and have not taken any donation funds from any businesses or unions. I’ve funded my own campaign 100%.

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